The EPO has just published the patent application for splitFAST.  The inventors, Prof. Arnaud Gautier and Dr. Alison Tebo, have leveled up FAST into splitFAST.  splitFAST is a fluorescence complementation system for the visualization of protein-protein interactions in living cells.  Moreover, splitFAST displays rapid and reversible complementation.  This hence allows the real-time visualization of both formation and dissociation of transient protein assemblies.

Gautier and Tebo initially disclosed splitFAST in Nature Communications 2019.

The Twinkle Factory is the exclusive, worldwide, licensee of ENS and Institut Curie of PSL Research University, Sorbonne Université, and CNRS for patents related to FAST and splitFAST.  The patent application for splitFAST initiates the third patent family of the fast expanding IP portfolio of The Twinkle Factory.

The Twinkle Factory offers the fluorogens to implement FAST and splitFAST.