We, at The Twinkle Factory, commit to make FAST readily available across the worldwide life sciences community.  Since 2016, Prof. Arnaud Gautier has indeed been continuously developing novel amazing features: splitFAST, redFAST and greenFAST, frFAST, and recently pFAST.  On our side, we want to help you design/source plasmids and fluorogens so you can focus on your research.

Luc Lenglet, C.E.O. Twinkle Bioscience

As for plasmids, one year ago, we inked an agreement with e-Zyvec.  Besides generic plasmids which can be sourced from Addgene, e-Zyvec now provides you with the most sophisticated, compact, optimized, bespoke plasmids.  From Singapore to Belgium, and Paris, more to come.

As for commercial fluorogens, one year ago, we added tfPoppy for far-red labeling.  As a result, our fluorogens now range from 541 nm to 670 nm.  More recently, Arnaud Gautier has disclosed pFAST, which stands for “promiscuous” FAST.  pFAST can indeed accommodate a large variety of fluorogens beyond existing commercial products.  We hence wish to widen The Twinkle Factory product range accordingly.


Which fluorogens should The Twinkle Factory launch in 2022?
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