Why you should use fast


Classic fluorescent reporters do not address properly all your challenges. Here is why you should take a look at FAST.

More about the existing applications (so far)

Main features & solutions

We are offering numerous products that could change your everyday work in the lab. FAST main features are:

  • On demand & reversible fluorescent labeling
  • Tunable fluorescence color
  • No maturation / no oxygen needed
  • Small protein tag (14 kDa)
  • Minimal genetic footprint, i.e 375 bp

Labeling in anaeroby

Detecting protein-protein interactions

Protein & cell labeling

One tag, many colors

Reversible labeling, Silent Tag

A toolkit for sensing

The Twinkle Factory

We are a French biotech company that provides ground breaking fluorescent chemical-genetic tools for labelling and imaging



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