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The Twinkle Factory was born in 2017 from the wish of Arnaud Gautier, Ludovic Jullien and Franck Perez, three top-notch scientists from ENS-PSL, the Institut Curie and Sorbonne University, to help others accelerate their research.

Seeing cellular mechanisms is the first step towards understanding the inner workings of living systems. Despite dramatic advances in biological imaging and probe design, many relevant biological molecules and processes remain invisible. Our research aims at inventing new ways of observing biomolecules and cellular events via the next-generation fluorescent labels for cell-based assays, live cell imaging, cytometry.

The Twinkle Factory’s products are based on the instantaneous formation of a fluorescent molecular assembly between the FAST protein or its derivatives and fluorogenic ligands (TFFluorogens) that fluoresce only when bound to FAST, allowing specific detection by fluorimetry or optical microscopy.

We provide efficient tools for various applications in biological imaging. The goal is to allow you to observe previously invisible processes in order to address issues ranging from fundamental mechanisms to causes of disease and the development of new therapies.

The Twinkle Factory

We are a French biotech company that provides ground breaking fluorescent chemical-genetic tools for labelling and imaging



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