From Quotation to Shipment

How to order FLUOROGENS for FAST and splitfast?

Mickaël is available through the whole process.


Request a quote for Fluorogens for FAST and splitFAST

 (a) All Fluorogens for FAST and splitFAST come in 250 nmol vials, our base selling unit.  We apply discounts for quantity as per below:

tfLime, tfAmber, tfAmber-NP, tfCoral (work best with FAST1 or Y-FAST, FAST2 or iFAST, tdFAST, redFAST, greenFAST, splitFAST, can work with frFAST): 

250 nmol190 €

500 nmol350 €

1,000 nmol600 €

1,000 nmol = contact us

tfPoppy (works with frFAST and split-frFAST): 

250 nmol = 290 €

500 nmol = 530 €

1,000 nmol = 910 €

1,000 nmol = contact us

b) Is it your first requestWe offer a two-for-the-price-of-one introductory discount for first-time orders.

c) We charge handling and shipment fees for orders below 1,000 €: 30 € for shipments in Continental Europe, 60 € overseas (and UK).

d) Please write to Mickaël or Luc

e) We’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a quotation


Order and pay

Upon reception of our quotation, or directly if you are a registered customer, you can finalize your order.

There are two options:

1/ You prefer to pay by bank wire onto our bank account: issue a purchase order and send it by e-mail to Charlotte or Luc.

2/ You prefer to pay by credit card (we welcome Mastercard or Visa, no Amex, nor Diners): upon request, we will provide you with a secure link to our bank back office.


Get your Fluorogens for FAST and splitFAST

We’ll send you within 10 days the Fluorogens for FAST and splitFAST ordered. Your products will come along with an invoice also sent to you by e-mail upon shipment.

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