The Twinkle Factory community continues expanding.

“For the third quarter 2020, The Twinkle Factory community is proud to welcome teams from three new countries, i.e., Finland, Czechia and Uruguay.  It hence includes today 107 customers over 18 countries worldwide”

Luc Lenglet, C.E.O., Twinkle Bioscience S.A.S.

The drivers for the rapid and sustained expansion of The Twinkle Factory are FAST leveling-up and fluorogen catalog expansion.

On one side, Prof. Arnaud Gautier, Prof. Ludovic Jullien and Dr. Franck Perez conduct fundamental research at Sorbonne University, ENS and Institut Curie of PSL University, collaborating with teams worldwide.  As a result, most noticeable breakthroughs for Q3 are greenFAST and redFAST, and frFAST, variants of FAST.

Besides, The Twinkle Factory offers a growing catalog of commercial fluorogens for FAST, splitFAST and variants.  Already well-known tfLime and tfCoral work best with greenFAST and redFAST.  Thereafter, The Twinkle Factory further added tfPoppy, emitting at 670 nm, for far-red labeling in combination with frFAST.

Stain different, tag FAST!