Twinkle Bioscience (Paris, France) and Zhengzhou Maxcare Biotechnology & Development (Zhengzhou, Henan) announce a distribution agreement in China.  Maxcare Bio therefore distributes The Twinkle Factory’s fluorogens in Henan and Beijing Region.  Dr. SongHua Lee arranged the deal “The Twinkle Factory in China”.

“The Twinkle Factory in China!  So happy -and proud- to respond to the call.  Because this was a mandatory step in the international development of The Twinkle Factory community.”

Luc Lenglet, CEO, Twinkle Bioscience

“The innovative technology of The Twinkle Factory ideally complements the portfolio of Zhengzhou Maxcare Bio.  As a result, we have already started shipping to highly-rated labs of universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing Region!”

Xianghua Wang, General Manager, Zhengzhou Maxcare Biotechnology & Development

“There is a perfect match between The Twinkle Factory and ZhengZhou Maxcare Bio.  Both are young, energetic, ambitious!  And both focus on the most demanding challenges of the life sciences academic community.”

Dr. SongHua Lee, International business development consultant

About The Twinkle Factory

Twinkle Bioscience S.A.S. offers a growing range of commercial fluorogens for FAST, a breakthrough protein labeling technology.  FAST and splitFAST are indeed becoming key tools for cell-based assays, live cell imaging, mechanistic studies, high content screening.  The Twinkle Factory was spun off in 2017 by researchers of ENS and Institut Curie of PSL Research University.  The Twinkle Factory has thereafter developed sales all around the world.

About Zhengzhou Maxcare Bio

Zhengzhou Maxcare Biotechnology & Development Co., Ltd is a distributor of life sciences reagents based in Zhengzhou, Henan.  Xianghua Wang created Zhengzhou Maxcare Bio in 2014 to distribute Merck Millipore products.  Thereafter he has added premium partners such as Invitrogen and Hyclone.

About Dr. SongHua Lee

Dr. SongHua Lee is an international business development consultant.  He indeed offers deal-making services between China and Europe in the life sciences sector.  Prior to that, Lee has gathered a strong scientific and business background in Malaysia, USA, Israel, France.

Further information on The Twinkle Factory in China

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Xianghua Wang ZhengZhou Maxcare Bio

Xianghua Wang ZhengZhou Maxcare Bio

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