The Twinkle Factory and e-Zyvec are partnering to offer tailor-made FAST plasmid design.

e-Zyvec - Plasmids for FAST and splitFAST



e-Zyvec now offers FAST sequences as standard building blocks in their vector engine, D-Zyvec.  FAST is a genetically encoded breakthrough fluorescence reporting system for proteins.  Reversible, multi-color, oxygen-free, discriminating membrane/cytosol proteins, FAST hence allows the most challenging protocols in protein studies.  Besides, e-Zyvec, specializing in genetic engineering, provides biologists and genetic researchers with sophisticated tailor-made DNA vectors.  As a result, The Twinkle Factory and e-Zyvec expect that their partnership will allow their customers to make the most of FAST in their research.

In a second step, e-Zyvec will include complementation systems and variants, e.g., splitFAST, greenFAST and redFAST, frFAST.

“From our customer inquiries over the past two years, we have realized how key is FAST plasmid design when you want to implement FAST in your research.  Hence our partnership with e-Zyvec!  Most customer-centric, leveraging high-level scientists and unique methodology, they, as a result, expedite delivery of unique DNA vectors.  DNA vectors made easy!”

Luc Lenglet, C.E.O. Twinkle Bioscience

“We are very happy to include FAST sequences in our D-Zyvec engine.  A most innovative fluorescent labeling system, FAST and splitFAST will leverage the most sophisticated protocols of our customers.  Stain different, tag FAST!”

Sylvain Julien, C.E.O. e-Zyvec

About The Twinkle Factory

Twinkle Bioscience S.A.S. (Paris, France) offers commercial fluorogens for FAST, a breakthrough protein labeling technology.  FAST and splitFAST are indeed becoming key tools for cell-based assays, live cell imaging, mechanistic studies, high content screening.  Created in 2017, The Twinkle Factory is a spin-off of researchers of ENS and Institut Curie of PSL Research University.  FAST and splitFAST have thereafter spread all around the world.

About e-Zyvec

e-Zyvec S.A.S. (Loos, France) is a biotech start-up specialized in genetic engineering.  e-Zyvec provides biologists and genetic researchers with sophisticated tailor-made DNA vectors.  Created in 2016, e-Zyvec is a spin-off of researchers of the University of Lille.